Canon 1D-X Digital Camera Reviews

One more new cameras made ​​by Canon that will add to the collection of the photography world. Digital cameras Canon EOS-1D X is a high-tech camera that can be used for journalism and photography studio. Why? Since the specifications of digital cameras Canon EOS-1D X is a combination of two types of cameras that since 2002 separated by the Canon, the 1D to journalism as a responsive and high-speed and 1Ds for high resolution studio photographer. Largest camera company Canon is always brought sophisticated cameras and the best in the market. This camera-with one-digit code is a camera with the highest grade among the ranks of other Canon EOS cameras. So there is no doubt the presence of these cameras take a lot of the attention of photographers or photography lovers.

Lots of interesting things from Canon camera is one of them is a new sensor 18.1 MP Full Frame so that the user will get the high-speed photography High resolution as well. Amazing results of digital camera specifications Canon EOS-1D X is also due to the good handling Noise and Dynamic Range so the quality is not inferior to the camera that put a higher resolution. You can see the sharpness of the image of the results of this camera. The results of this stunning image is the main attraction of this camera.

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Physically, this camera is not much different from the 1D Mark IV as a professional camera or 1Ds Mark III, Canon just added 2 mini joystick. The button is added to distinguish the object retrieval horizontally or vertically. Another advantage of the problems appear often complaints by users of digital cameras Canon, the Focus front. In this camera Canon make corrections so that the product is very responsive but still Spot-On. The proof, after testing by photographers in different lighting conditions still showing fantastic results.

Shooting Speed

Another reason why you should glance at this Canon digital cameras because it can capture up to 14 frames per second in a row. Very fast is not it? Sophistication is very helpful for those of you who want to capture an important moment or photographer spot. In addition, the shutter sound was also very steady which reinforce the technological sophistication that carried this product. Canon always pay attention to the advanced technology will be embedded in the camera so advanced features can be presented at this flagship camera.

For the studio photographer this camera is quite helpful because it generates the reproduction of natural skin tones, even better than the 5D Mark III. The advantage you can do indoor and outdoor shooting with maximum results, do not like the type of camera used to divide the room and the outdoors. If you want to change the file in JPEG format after editing, color quality that is displayed remains attractive. Consequently Upload a picture on the internet can be done quickly but good. It is the result of a new sensor that Canon digital cameras are used.


This camera features in practically complete and should be placed so that users comfortable when shooting. Arrangement of components in the menu was easy to learn, aka not “complex”. Canon has also added features In-Camera Editing that allows users to edit images directly from the camera. Although the ability to edit the camera is still under Nikon D4 because it just gives the opportunity to change the Saturation, Contrast, and Exposure alone.

The field of Journalism

If the above paragraph we talk capabilities of digital cameras Canon EOS-1D X to a photo studio, now is the time to switch on the camera’s capabilities in the field of journalism. The cinematographer can use the EOS-1D X to take video. The result is comprehensive enough for the class of journalism despite its ability to AF is slower than for recording images. Perhaps because of this camera is the focus for photography so the video only as a supplement.

Following a review video of the Canon 1D-X


Some photographers commented that the EOS-1D X is the best camera among other EOS digital SLR. If you want to improve the image quality, it’s good to choose a good optical lens for support. Canon EOS-1D X Digital Cameras is indeed fitting used to journalist, wedding photographer, and the people whose jobs require tough and sophisticated cameras.