AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series II R2 Review

AMT Electronics is a new surprise in the constellation of effects pedals. In addition to the unique shape, product quality concoction of the Russian is also topnotch. One of the proves it is a product that tested redaction, the AMT R2, a distortion effect pedal that also serves as a pre-amp that can replace the function of the amplifier.

AMT R2 is a development of the previous AMT product, namely AMT R1. But the difference, R2 pedal has two channels, namely the Clean and Distortion. AMT R2 also produces tone and character that could be considered very close to the amplifier Mesa / Boogie Triple Rectifier. Has three output channels, ie Drive Out to plugged into the input amplifier, Pre-Amp Out to be plugged into the amps return, and Cab-Sim Out which can be directly (direct) for recording. This pedal is really innovative and able to replace the main function of the amplifier!

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Then, three-band EQ (high, middle, and bass) that had also made ​​the guitarist could find each character drives more detail. This pedal also comes with a cool new feature called Clean Level which serves to regulate how loud the sound produced by the channel Clean / Bypass. Then there is also a button to boost the Clean Gain and Sustain function adds to the Clean / bypass pedal that makes these seemed like the two-channel amplifier.

When tested, this R2 AMT ejects a very wild sound distortion, which obviously can accommodate rock music from classic to modern with a maximum sound. R2 requires only electrical power 9v-12v, but able to provide sound quality that is more powerful and stable. Highly recomended!

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