Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Signature Guitar Reviews

Tosin Abasi is one of the few new artists the signature introduced by Ibanez at the 2013 NAMM show. The signature series guitar is TAM100. This is a Japanese made, 8 string guitar constructed bolt-on and much more of a refinement of the design that has been stale, and a new formula for creating the tone, with a blend of exotic wood and special cables, the signature DiMarzio Ionizer8 pickups make this guitar expressive.

Although the appearance is inherently impressive, several of the TAM100’s less obvious design characteristics make it a surprisingly sleek and easy-to-manage instrument. This guitar is not heavier than Strat guitar models in general. Abasi choose wenge and bubinga for the neck, primarily because this wood is able to produce a striking and rich tones offering more attacks than mahogany and deeper than maple. And has a 24-fret wenge fingerboard on it.

Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi signatureImage source: axepalace.com

This guitar has a body made of thin wood and contoured basswood body for weight and comfort, and quilted maple top. Because it comes from the RG series TAM100 has a flat body. Both the neck and the body is left looking natural with milky blue finish. The milky blue scheme is the only color option available for TAM100 and finished in high-gloss. Although Abasi choose to accent TAM100 with tortoiseshell pickguard, DiMarzio pickups Ionizer8 signature is actually hard-mounted to the guitar. DiMarzio Steve Blucher create special wiring schematic for this guitar, Tosin allows to create various configurations of single-coil / humbucker through a five-way selector and coil-tap switch. Bridge section in this model is equipped with a Edge III double-locking trem bridge.

According to reviews of some users, Tosin Abasi Guitar Ibanez Signature TAM100 produces waves Glorious tone comes from the neck TAM100s wenge / bubinga, so much so that they are completely satisfied with the acoustic offerings. When plugged into a Mesa Mark V and Fender Tone-Master heads, TAM100 seems to reach deeper into the amps, extracting and sustaining overtones that have never heard of another guitar. Clean tones through various combinations of DiMarzio Ionizer8 pickups sound unexpectedly like a piano, with the hue of wood that serves as a center for the full spectrum of sound is formed, something that is not possible at the bottom of the six string guitar neck. Clarity and definition remains intact even when the amp is set for high gain, making it possible to clearly hear every note in a big chord and arpeggio extended.

Overall Ibanez Tosin Abasi signature TAM100 guitar is lightweight and fast, musically flexible, designed outstanding and one of the few eight-string guitar that really qualifies as a high-end instrument. Tosin Abasi TAM100 Ibanez Signature is sold at a price range of $ 4000.

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